Resources update: January 2012

Here are the most recent additions to the resources section of, listed in no particular order:

The Centre for Spatial Law and Policy • Blog and online resources on laws and policies relating to spatial and location data in terms of privacy, national security and intellectual property. Run by Kevin Pomfret.

Telecomix’s We Rebuild • Resource pages of projects run by the hacktivist collective Telecomix, aiming to ensure “access to a free Internet without intrusive surveillance.” @Telecomix

The Crypto Project • Organization “designed to assist and encourage anonymity and encryption research, development, and use” by providing “better software, security, and anonymity to individuals worldwide.” @cryptodotis

Fight for the Future • US-based non-profit organizing grass-roots opposition to proposed SOPA and PIPA censorship bills. Facebook page @fightfortheftr

Chaos Computer Club • German hacker group, “Europe’s largest”, with activities supporting “free speech, free communication and internationalism on the World Wide Web” that range from “technical research and exploration on the edge of the technology universe through campaigns, events, publications and policy advice to the operation of anonymizing services and communications.” @chaosupdates

Index on Censorship • UK-based organization promoting free expression, with “up-to-the-minute news and information on free expression from around the world.” @IndexCensorship Facebook page

Internet Rights & Principles (IRP) • multi-stakeholder coalition aiming “to make Rights on the Internet and their related duties, specified from the point of view of individual users, a central theme of the Internet Governance debate.” Facebook page

Yochai Benkler wrote @The Wealth of Networks

Tom Glaisyer • Knight Media Policy Fellow at the New America Foundation, where he is involved with their Media Policy Initiative. Studies “the interplay between digital infrastructure, its use, and democratic institutions in society.” @tglaisyer

Mapping Online Publics • Research blog by the New Media and Public Communication program at Queensland University of Technology, with a focus on Twitter data gathering, processing, textual analysis and visualization.

Web Ecology Project • “An interdisciplinary research group based in Boston, Massachusetts focusing on using large scale data mining to analyze the system-wide flows of culture and community online.”

Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit (FSCONS) • Annual conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, billed as “the Nordic countries’ largest gathering for free culture, free software and a free society.” @fscons

Envaya • “A technology platform for civil society organizations in developing countries” with a mobile component. @Envaya

Governance across borders • Blog by a group of researchers that “shares ideas, concepts and examples on how to deal with old and new forms of such transnational governance.” Loosely affiliated with the research group “Institution Building Across Borders” at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies. @govxborders

Cornelius Puschmann’s Blog • Blog “blog on Linguistics, Digital Humanities and Scholarly Communication on the Internet.” @coffee001

Nexa Center for Internet and Society • Independent research center at the Politecnico of Torino “focusing on quantitative and interdisciplinary analysis of the force of the Internet and of its impact on society.” Aims to “become a point of reference in Europe, interacting with the European Commission, regulators, local and national governments, as well as with business and other institutions.” Facebook page @nexacenter

Knight Foundation • US-based Foundation “supports transformational ideas that promote quality journalism, advance media innovation, engage communities and foster the arts.” Journalism is supported through a focus on “funding media innovation, journalistic excellence, and freedom of expression.” Facebook page @knightfdn

European Public Policy Blog by Google • “Google’s views on Government, policy and politics in Europe.”

Res Communis • Blog “on the legal aspects of human activities using aerospace technologies” at the University of Mississippi Schol of Law’s National Center for Remote Sensing, Air and Space Law.

GroundTruth Initiative • Website and blog by Mikel Maron and Erica Hagen at their new media and technology consulting company “specializing in community-based participatory technologies, especially mapping and citizen journalism, in poor and marginalized regions throughout the world”.

Joho the Blog by David Weinberger • Senior researcher at Harvard’s Berkman Center writes about “the effect of the Internet on how we think about ourselves, our world, and business.” @dweinberger

Krebs on Security by Brian Krebs • “In-depth security news and investigation” by a former Washington Post reporter, covering online crime investigations, new threats, security updates, data breaches and cyber justice. Facebook page @briankrebs

F-Secure Labs blog • Cyber-security news from F-Secure Security Labs, by “the personnel responsible for analyzing virus, phishing, spyware, and spam attacks.” Facebook page @FSecure

Slight Paranoia by Christopher Soghoian • Blog with analysis and opinion by the Washington DC-based security and privacy researcher. @csoghoian

Infosec Island • News and community site “for IT and network professionals who manage security, risk, and compliance issues.” @InfosecIsland

Code for America • Non-profit helps US city governments improve their services by funding the coding and deployment of web-based solutions. Facebook page @codeforamerica

CJNEWS India • India-focused collective blog with news and opinion about techno-legal issues.

TorrentFreak • Blog “where breaking news, BitTorrent and copyright collide.” @torrentfreak