Resources update: Cybernorms, Digital Democracy

Under Blogs > Development, democratization, crisis management

ICT4D Jester • ICT4D contrarian Kentaro Toyama’s blog, where he “questions, critiques, and sometimes lampoons the endeavor called ICT4D.” @kentarotoyama

Diary of a Crisis Mapper • Crisis mapper Anahi Ayala Iacucci writes about ICT4D, mobile technology and, more broadly, on the “political meaning of information”. @anahi_ayala

Under Institutions > The Internet and society

Cybernorms Research Group • Initiative by the Sociology of Law department at Sweden’s Lund University to explore “the norm-creating processes” that appear in the wake of evolving information technology. Looks set to become the Lund University Internet Institute (LUII). @cybernorms

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Digital Democracy • Non-profit helps “marginalized communities to use technology to build their futures”. Promotes civic engagement through “digital technologies and programs that promote education, communication and participation.” @DigiDem