Resources update: September

Here are the most recent additions to the resources section of, listed in no particular order:


Internet & Society Co:llaboratory • An “open think tank” initiated by Google Germany that engages in thematic initiatives lasting several months, bringing together experts to answer societal questions in the tech sphere. @IGcollaboratory

Media Access Project • US non-profit law firm and advocacy organization promoting the public interest before the FCC and US courts, “fighting for an open and diverse communications system that protects freedom of expression, promotes universal and equitable access to media outlets and telecommunications services, and encourages vibrant public discourse on critical issues facing our society.” @mediaaccess

Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure • Global network of associations “dedicated to information about free and competitive software markets, genuine open standards and patent systems with lesser barriers to competition.” Publishes ACTA Blog. @FFII

govfresh • NGO works to “inspire government-citizen collaboration and build a more engaged democracy.” Tracks people and ideas “that are changing how government works.” @govfresh

IT For Change • Bengaluru, India-based NGO promoting the use of ICT in the global South for socio-economic change.

Internews • International NGO “whose mission is to empower local media worldwide” through training and advocacy. @Internews

Projects: • “A forum for international collaboration on efforts to improve access to parliamentary information and share experiences and good practices” among parliamentary monitoring organizations. Sponsored by Sunlight Foundation, Open Society Foundations, NDI among others.

KoBo Project • “Research expertise and open-source applications for mobile data collection” in conflict areas.

Project on Information Technology and Political Islam (PITPI) • “Investigating the politics of ICTs in Muslim societies, with special focus on political uses of digital media in MENA.” @p_ITPI

Spider • A Swedish resource center for ICT4D based at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV) at Stockholm University. Primarily financed by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). @spidercenter


International Law and the Internet • “A blog on why norms matter online” by Matthias Ketteman at the Institute of International Law at the University of Graz, who writers about Internet governance and human rights. @MCKettemann

loose wire blog • “Social Technology: The Future of Information.: By Singapore-based Reuters journalist Jeremy Wagstaff. @loosewire

Build it Kenny, and they will come… founder and FrontlineSMS developer Ken Banks’s blog, “where technology meets anthropology, conservation and development.”


Cyber-security: The vexed question of global rules • Published: January 30, 2012. By the Security & Defence Agenda, “a neutral platform for discussing defence and security policies”.

The Open Data Handbook • “Discusses the legal, social and technical aspects of open data,” aimed at those working with government data. A project by the Open Knowledge Foundation.


Safer Mobile • Tools, training and software to help activists and journalists “understand the security risks of mobile technology and use mobile tech more securely for their work.” @safermobile. Funded by Google, US State Dept. among others.

WCITLEAKS.ORG • “Bringing transparency to the ITU.” @WCITLeaks • “Bringing transparency to online censorship in China. Real time testing of blocked URLs and Baidu, Sina Weibo and Google search results from within China.” @GreatFireChina

Blocked on Weibo • Site “tracking the various words that are blocked on Sina Weibo to get a sense of where the boundaries of Chinese censorship and self-censorship lie.” By @jasonqng

FrontlineSMS • Open-source software to send and receive SMS messages over a mobile network, facilitating information access and social change in areas with low Internet penetration. @FrontlineSMS

The Software Freedom Law Center • Non-profit provides pro-bono legal services to developers of free and open-source software. Eben Moglen is Director-Counsel.