The Resources section of began as an attempt to read up on the main conversations shaping the political analysis of digital networks today. It became clear that some institutions dominate in the initiatives and studies getting noticed, so I attempted a rough-and-tumble taxonomy of the main players currently defining the field. The categories used below emerged organically.

Many of the resources listed here look at the role of digital networks on their chosen subject matter, but not always exclusively so. Many take a global outlook, but not all. Some of the categories are tangential to the core pursuit of this blog, but collectively define a fertile hunting ground for new ideas in the politics of digital networks.

This list is far from exhaustive. Please send suggestions for additions. Not all candidate sites I have come across have been added — some are too infrequently updated, or too tangential in their topic matter, or open up a whole new pandora’s box (The future of money, anyone?).

Institutions >
The Internet and society
Core academic institutions looking at how the Internet on society affect each other.
Development and ICT
Institutions innovating with technology in development.
Democratization and ICT
Institutions innovating with technology in democracy-building processes.
Crisis management and ICT
Institutions innovating with technology to alleviate humanitarian crises.
Global media reform, citizen journalism, civic media
Institutions working to improve/save journalism.
Net freedom, civil rights, privacy
Institutions defending these rights online.
Internet governance
Institutions directing and implementing Internet governance policies.
Accountability, transparency, openness
Institutions using technology to build trust in government.
Institutions encouraging networked action for positive change.
Hacker groups with a political agenda.

Tools >
For censorship circumvention, crowdsourcing, whistleblowing…

Data >
Databases and visualizations…

Reference texts >
Journals, manuals, primers…

Net freedom technology projects >
Net freedom technology projects, often works in progress…

Blogs & people >
The politics of digital networks
Core sites for conversations about the politics of digital networks.
Development, democratization, crisis management
How technology is transforming efforts in these topics, mostly in the developing world.
Global media reform, citizen journalism, civic media
On the rise of civic media.
Preparing for cyber-warfare.
Hacking, cryptology, DDoS, data breaches, malware.
Identity theft, surveillance, anonymity.
Niche topics in fields relevant to the politics of digital networks
Satellite networks, remote sensing, IT in North Korea.
People conversant in fields relevant to the politics of digital networks
People featuring prominently in the conversation about the politics of digital networks, but without a frequently updated blog.

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Notes on the global politics of digital networks — how the rise of the Internet affects the distribution of power between citizens, corporations and states. By Stefan Geens in Stockholm.