Databases and visualizations…

Open Data Initiative by the World Bank • “Free and open access to a comprehensive set of data about development” to help “policymakers and advocacy groups make better-informed decisions and measure improvements more accurately.”

Global Integrity • “An innovation lab for the transparency and accountability community” providing “open-source metrics, reporting, and techniques for assessing transparent and accountable government.” @GlobalIntegrity

Herdict • A “collaborative, real-time map of Internet accessibility” by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. Based on input by users. @Herdict

Measurement Lab (MLAB) • Research platform and network diagnostic tool to determine if ISPs are performing application-specific traffic shaping such as throttling email, HTTP, SSH, Flash or BitTorrent. By Open Technology Initiative (OTI), Google.

Alkasir • Internet censorship map shows which sites are blocked where, using information gathered by users of a (Windows-only) Firefox plugin that automatically switches to a proxy when a site is blocked. By Walid Al-Saqaf at Örebro University.

Technology for Transparency Network • “Documenting the use of online and mobile technology to promote transparency and accountability around the world.” By Global Voices Online. @techtransparent

New Tactics in Human Rights • Online database of innovative tactics used around the world to promote human rights. @newtactics

OpenSpending • “Our aim is to track every (public) government and corporate financial transaction across the world and present it in useful and engaging forms for everyone from a school-child to a data geek.” By Open Knowledge Foundation.

Code for America Commons • US-based “marketplace for open innovation in government,” to help discover and share applications built by civic technologists for city governments.

Global Digital Activism Data Set (GDADS) by the Meta-Activism Project • A database of digital activism case studies gathered from around the world, to assist research. @MetaActivism • “Bringing transparency to online censorship in China. Real time testing of blocked URLs and Baidu, Sina Weibo and Google search results from within China.” @GreatFireChina

Blocked on Weibo • Site “tracking the various words that are blocked on Sina Weibo to get a sense of where the boundaries of Chinese censorship and self-censorship lie.” By @jasonqng

Net Neutrality Map • Map tool to evaluate the net neutrality of ISPs in countries around the world.

FreeWeibo • Search tool for Sina Weibo that also returns censored content. @FreeWeibo

Submarine Cable Map • Shows physical infrastructure of submarine cables. By TeleGeography telecoms market research firm.

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Notes on the global politics of digital networks — how the rise of the Internet affects the distribution of power between citizens, corporations and states. By Stefan Geens in Stockholm.