Net freedom technology projects…

Freedom Box • Project vision: A personal server for internet access that preserves personal privacy. Useful for resisting surveillance, censorship. Started by Eben Moglen. @FreedomBoxFndn

Serval • Project vision: Telephony in regions without infrastructure (or where infrastructure has been turned off); either via a “mesh-based phone network between wifi-enabled mobile phones,” or as a “temporary, self-organising, self-powered mobile network formed with small phone towers dropped in by air.”

Chokepoint Project • “Towards a distributed Internet infrastructure.” Aims to map the Internet’s nodes of control, and to explore “approaches to the decentralization of access in favor of guaranteeing connectivity as a counter-weight to the control of the Internet by nation states and corporate influence.” @ChokePointP

Telex • Promising proof-of-concept stage censorship circumvention tool to be implemented at the ISP level, featuring steganography to avoid detection by censors. @TelexBureau

OpenITP • “Supports and incubates a collection of free and open source projects that enable anonymous, secure, reliable, and unrestricted communication on the Internet.” @Openitp

Commotion • “Open-source communication tool that uses mobile phones, computers, and other wireless devices to create decentralized mesh networks.”

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Notes on the global politics of digital networks — how the rise of the Internet affects the distribution of power between citizens, corporations and states. By Stefan Geens in Stockholm.